2016 Walkerhill Hotel – Bikini Pool Party

All about Walkerhill Hotel Pool Party !! Best Summer festival in Korea

풀파티 쿠팡 가격

풀파티 추천

Walkerhill Hotel Pool party is one of the most recommended party.

It is No.1 pool festival with the most scaled people & contents.

The tickets are being sold through Coupang only.

There are 5 parties going on this year summer.

And expected to be the best summer pool party as always.

워커힐 호텔 풀파티

워커힐 호텔 이벤트

Diverse performance teams (Mainly, Ibiza, Spain tour team).

And diverse products selling & Events.

You can see more photos in our gallery (click here)

07.23 워커힐 풀파티07.30 워커힐 풀파티

Opening party (the first party) will be July 23th, with Ibiza team.

08.06 워커힐 풀파티08.13 워커힐 풀파티

08.27 워커힐 풀파티

August 27th will be the closing party (the last one).

Ibiza club tour team, Mambo team will visit.

Walkerhill hotel VIP Table reservation

None of the people said “It was a waste” when they booked tables in Walkerhill.

워커힐 호텔 애프터 파티

After Party will be held in Arena & Bound for every parties.

You can enter Arena&Bound for free, if you show your entrance tickets at the door.


For every inquiries & Reservation,

you may contact RSV center – Hosted by Comma Entertainment.

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