7.04 5tardium @ Jamsil Olimpic Stadium



One venue, five stages, the most glamorous and hip dance music show with five different of performances!

The world’s first surround stage

Surrounding the audience 360 degrees in a space with five stages positioned in a pentagon shape.
One artist per stage, the five stages are operated in a sequence like drawing a huge star.
The name STARDIUM is made of the words STAR + STADIUM showing its identity.

A real music festival, which subsumes a variety of EDM genres

By lining artists whom have not had the spotlight due to the genres they play, which are considered to be a minor within the numerous EDM scene,
the festival has received recognition from EMD fans at once, making them anticipate on the next artists coming.

Dynamic performances that constantly attracts the crowd

STARDIUM Music Festival is unique in a way, with diverse shows to see, making it an “show” as well as a music festival.
The huge lighted puppets, acrobats flying through the air, LED lighting shows that light the night sky, fireworks that highlight the moments of the performances and the dancers that never stop.
The festival evolves into a “show” overnight.

Be ready for STARDIUM, the only music show that changed the domestic electronic dance music festival scene!