Best Clubs in Gangnam ! Top 7

Today we want to recommend the most hot & best clubs in Gangnam.

This is quite subjective, so many people might disagree.

But I think these clubs are the best venues for the night life and clubbing.


Gangnam, Seoul city Top 10 dance clubs – Presented by Club In Korea


1. Club Octagon

entrance photo

Club octagon

Octagon Club

One of the most representative club in Gangnam.

Currently one of the Biggest & the most luxurious club

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2. Club Syndrome

Korea club syndrome Syndrome club in Seoul

One of the most crowded club during weekends.

Mini pool is inside the club during 4 seasons.

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3. Club Answer


korea gangnam club answer entrance photo of gangnam club answer

Club Answer has very unique & Luxurious interior.

One of the only club that has a high Loyalty of the fans.

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4. Club The-A


gangnam club the a logo

thea club 서울 강남 클럽 디에이

Gangnam Club The-A is re-opened ( March, 2015 )

Inviting the most famous DJs around the world.

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 5. Club Arena

gangnam club arena logo (1)

korea arena club photo

One of the most popular After Club

After club = opens late and close late than normal clubs.

It close at 12 PM, and there are full of people until that time.

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6. Gangnam Club Ellui


Club Ellui 1

Tremendous house musics !! club ellui !

Since re-open, the table price has been very lower.

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7. Club Mass


korea mass club mass club performance

One of the most respectful club.

The first Electro & house music club in Gangnam.

The only club that is opened everyday.

Most of clubs are opened only during Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

So if you want clubbing during Sun~Wednesday, Club Mass is the only option.

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Presented by Club In Korea

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