Busan Club Fix – CLOSED



Busan club Fix is closed from 2016.June 12th

About club Fix / Seomyun – Busan, Korea Club information
Basic information

Name : club Fix (클럽 픽스)

Location ( Address ) : Busan, Jin-gu, Bujeon Dong 186-1. (Taehwa building 8, 9 th floor)

Operating hour : Mon~Sun 10 PM ~ 6 AM

Main Genre of Music :  electro house, progressive house, commercial

Price for ticket (Entrance fee) :  10,000~20,000 KRW (Depends on parties)

Dress code : slippers, short pants, jogging suits are not allowed

*Club fix is really strict on dress code & picky on customers.

They prefer only young & good looking customers.

So there are many complains that they got rejected at the entrance.

And especially many foreigners were not available to enter.

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Table Reservation / Q&A

kakao = bananahyeon

mobile number = +82-10-8541-1278 (What’s APP Available)




Additional information


  • One of the most famous Club in Asia. (Not only in Korea)
  • 80m Height of huge LED Monitor brighten the Main Stage.
  • Can hold 1,500 people
  • Educated Chef / Bartenders.
  • HIP-HOP Zone in the club as a Sub stage. (Everybody can access)


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Teaser video

Bikini party 2013.08.24


  2014 04 26 @ Club Fix SEASON2 OPEN


 Rough map


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http://www.clubfixkorea.com/ https://www.facebook.com/clubfixkorea  





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