Gangnam club Arena ( Electro )

Gangnam club Arena

Club Arena


Seoul gangnam club Arena

About Club Arena / Gangnam – Korea Club information
Basic information


Name : Club Arena (클럽 아레나)

Location ( Address ) : Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Nonhyeon Dong. 18-2 ( Lex Hotel B1 )

Operating hour :  Thursday, Sunday = 24AM ~ 10AM / Friday, Saturday = 24AM ~ 2PM   

Main Genre of Music : Electro House,Progressive house,Tech House (EDM)

Price for ticket (Entrance fee) : 20,000 KRW (Depends in parties)

Dress code : slippers, short pants, jogging suits are not allowed

VIP Table Reservation / Price / Q&A

kakao = bananahyeon

mobile number = +82-10-8541-1278  / (What’s APP Available)


Korea club Arena

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Additional information


  • The club can handle more than 1,000 people.
  • A new trendy club with all kind of EDM
  • The club is always crowded with many people recently ( Aug. 2014)
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Seoul club Arena


Teaser video


Gangnam Club Arena grand open



Rough map

 클럽 아레나

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