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About Club Bugatti / Gangnam – Korea Club information
Basic information


Name : Club Bugatti (클럽 부가티)

Location ( Address ) : B1F, Riverside Hotel, 6-1, Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, KOREA

Operating hour : Thur, Fri, Sat = PM 10:00 ~ AM 06:00

Main Genre of Music : Electronic house, Progressive house, Techno

Price for ticket (Entrance fee) : 20,000

*Gangnam Club Bugatti is our partner club. How to enter for free ( Click )

Dress code : slippers, short pants, jogging suits are not allowed

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Additional information


Club Bugatti is located near the “Sinsa station”.

The same owners of club “Syndrome”

This club was actually club VAN2. But after club Syndrome closed, it is merged and changed the name to Club Bugatti.

The club can hold about 1,000 people.

Club Bugatti has the most luxurious interior.


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