Gangnam Hotel Club Palace

gangnam hotel club palace

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About club Palace / Gangnam – Korea Club information
Basic information


Name : Club Palace (클럽 팰리스)

Location ( Address ) :

Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Eonju-ro 640 (Hotel Imperial Palace B1)
( Kor ) 서울특별시 강남구 언주로 640 임페리얼 팰리스 호텔

Operating hour :

Fri, Sat = PM 11 ~ AM 06

Main Genre of Music :  EDM

Price for ticket (Entrance fee) : 20,000 KRW / Contact us to be on the guest list.

Dress code : slippers, short pants, jogging suits are not allowed


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Table Reservation / Q&A

kakao = bananahyeon

mobile number = +82-10-8541-1278 (What’s APP Available)


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Additional information


  • Club Palace is organized by Club The-A
  • Club The-A and Club 822 was merged, and now it became Club Palace
  • Club The-A was nearby Yeoksam Station(line2) But now moved the location to Imperial Palace Hotel
  • It became half size of club The-A , but the party is still full of people who know how to party.
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