[Hot Issue] About DJ Soda and Back Spin accident

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There are many different opinions about DJ Soda. ( real name = SoHee, Hwang )

She became one of the most HOT & Popular DJ in the club scene recently.

However, Many DJs and anti-fans are pointing out on her.



she received attention from many people with her performance.

Which is SEXY performance.


Her fans say “Performance is also one of the DJing skill, and her DJing itself is not bad also”

While a lot of other DJs and anti-fans point out

“DJ should amuse people with the Music, not with dancing”


As you can see on the video, her performance and dress always attract people’s eye to her body line. (And anti-fans are saying it looks quite intended)

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What is the Back Spin Accident?

DJ Soda used the “Back spin” and turned the music off,

while the main artist “Crispi Crunch” was having their performance.


“Back Spin” is one of the DJing skill to stop the current music naturally.

(Sometimes, Back-spin can be also used as “Effective sound” too)

Generally, DJs are not supposed to STOP THE MUSIC during the performance.

But!! DJ Soda used the back-spin during the other artists were performing.


At the video, you can see what happend exactly, and also you can see how much Crispi Crunch was embaressed.


Some people say “It is understandable as a small mistake” and some people say

“Maybe she think she’s the Main artist and she can stop the music no matter the other artists are having performance or not.”


DJ soda 소다

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