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1. Club

Just a normal club where you can dance & drink & see famous DJs

Price = Minimum cost – 10,000 KRW entrance fee / Tables are around 500,000 KRW


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2. Booking Club ( What we call Night Club )

In many other countreis, night club is same word as “Club”. But in Korea we differentiate it.

When we say Night Club, it is “Booking-Club”.

Guys will pay for the table / Booth / Room and waitors will bring the girls.

Then, you start talking and drink together. And whenever the girls feel uncomfortable, the girls can leave the table.

When they leave, waitor will bring another girls.

However, it is really not recommended for foreigners since conversation skill becomes the most important thing to mingle out in this place.

Price = Minimum Cost 20,000 KRW / For the Booth or ROOM 300,000 KRW


korea luxury ktv

3. KTV

KTV – in different word is Karaoke.

Pay for the room and drink and singing. And as option, you can bring girls too.

These girls are not prostitution girls. They will be your talking friends and allow limited skinship only.

There are some places that prostitution girls are working at KTV also.

And allow something more than just skinship. But these kind of places are technically illegal in Korea.

Price = Minimum cost 300,000 KRW



huting and hooking pub korea

4. Hunting Pub

I’m sure you know Normal Pub or Lounge Bar.

But what is Hunting pub?

Basically, girls come with girls, guys come with guys.

And when they like each other,

One of the group will join the other group table and drink together.


How to find out if the other group like us or not? Depends.

Some places, you just gotta go and ask.

Some places, if you pay to the waitors, they will go ask instead of you.

Some places, there is i-pad so you can chat together first.

Price = Minimum cost 30,000 KRW


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