Korean Clubs are Racist? – Explanation of Racism


Hello, this is Alex from “Club In Korea”.

There are many complains about “Racism” in Korea.

And today, I’m here to explain about this with one good example.

There are many racist clubs in Korea. (True & Admit)

However there are some clubs that are not Racist but become “Racist” by a “Rumor” from misunderstanding.  I’m here to expalin what happened about this CLUB-Racism rumor.


Today, there was one customer who says that club MASS is racist.

Before I write down the details, I want to show you some photos first.


Foreign lady dancing in club Mass


Foreign artist invited to club Mass


Foreign customer came to club Mass

*These photos were all taken during March, 2015



Today, One of our visitor sent the message to us.


After a small talk, she decided to go to Club MASS

and she asked us for the “FREE-Entry” Service.

As she said “me” from the beginning, I thought she was going there alone.

So I didn’t put her on the guest list, instead I gave her a “Code” to enter for free.

(Girls can easily enter for free with this Secret Code)

However, she brought her (Guy) friend to the club without telling us.

(Guys can’t enter for free easily, as girls. Procedures are different)


Anyway, so the staff memeber said

“Forienger. not. list”



However she misunderstood as they said “Foreigners can’t enter this club”

So she was very angry and she was making a lot of noise at the entrance.

And also keep asked for the free-entry.

The staff said “I can’t. Because club policy”

And finally she was dragged out by bouncers.


And now, she says Koreans are Racist, and she hates Korea.




Screen shots of conversation




(Beginning of the Misunderstood. They never said foreigners can’t enter)


(I just Realized that she was not alone, and accompanied with the guy)

(Meanwhile, I was talking with manager on the phone and heard what happened.

Also, asked him if he can let them enter even the guy was not on the list. But it was too late to request. And I explained this in long message)

But her attitude was like.


(I Even told her many foreigners spent time in club Mass)




She was keep saying which “Word” the Staff used.

She doesn’t care about what was the “Meaning”


Finally, Offending me directly.



As I mentioned, the club said

“Foreigner is not on the list”

and she said “That is racist, we want to enter for free”

So they replied “I can’t, it is club policy”


It would been better if staff member could say 

“I am sorry, but we can’t find any foreign name in our guest list. Can you please check with the manager, and make sure you did request for the guest list?”

in fluent English.

Instead of

“Foreigner is not list”

BUT WE ARE KOREANS, and staff members working in CLUB, are not qualified to speak ENGLISH. If it is called to be a Racist Club because the staff didn’t speak Fluent English. Please remind yourself you are in Korea, and Koreans are not all fluent in English. They learn few words to deal with certain situations.


* Feburary, 2015. “Club Cubic” Rejected one guy who was over-aged for the club.

*December, 2014 “Club Octagon” Rejected VIP Customer, because he didn’t reserve it previously.

* August, 2014. “Club Syndrome” Rejected Russian girls because they were wearing slippers.

All these people said Korea clubs are Racist. Even they couldn’t enter in OTHER REASON.


Like I wrote at the beginning, there are many racist clubs in Korea. But we don’t recommend those clubs for our customers. If you have any racism experience in one of our partner clubs, please report to us. We will immediately stop working with them, and Clearly announce in our web-site.Thank you.