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  • DJ Roem is one of the most experienced DJ & Producer. Issued on TV shows, and have a lot of fans from his diverse work experience.


  • Performed in Japan, USA, Philiphine, World DJ Festival, etc


  • With the most recent techniques and instruments, DJ Roem provokes the most instinctive reaction from audiences. Throughout 13 years of career, he knows how to pull out the best.


  • Digital Heart, Vinyl Soul. Just like his motto, he will make the best clubbing experience regardless of any stage, any music, any instrument with the best technique and music.


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2015.06.05 – Single – Meor [Local : ToCorea mne / World Wide : Eastribal]

2015.05.25 – Dik Lewis – Bouncin (Roem Remix) [Universal Music Ltd.]

2014.07.31 – Single – Back Again [Discovery Music]

2014.03.31 – Single – Big Room Crusader [Moon Records]

2013.11.20 – Single – Circles [Eastribal Records]

2012.11.08 – 303 Shake The Remixes Part2 – 303 Shake (DJ Roem Remix)

2010.12.10 – Single – Nite Lite Playa [Aftermoon Records]


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