Korean Male DJ Vandalrock

korean club dj vandalrock

About Korean DJ Vandalrock
Vandal Rock does not play it safe with just one genre but pushes his 
boundaries, combining his Funk&Soul, Electro house, trap and other genres 
influences from his early days with a trendy and powerful base line to 
complete his set and make the crowd go wild. 
korean dj vandalrock
Short profile of DJ Vandalrock.
DJ Vandalrock DJ’ed with diverse artists such as Fatboy Slim, Kaskade, Zedd, Steve Aoki, Bingo Players, and more.
Having performance at major festivals such as ‘Global Gathering’, ‘World DJ festival’ ,’Pentaport Rock Festival’, etc
Also he is a resident DJ at club ‘The A’ which ranked in DJ MAG Top 100 clubs. 
 DJ Vandalrock as a producer.
His new track was played in every single clubs in Korea and it has listed up in biggest Korean music platform ‘MELON’.

korean male dj vandalrock

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