News 1. Busan club HIVE – reopened as club Abyss

Busan - NEW Partner club

Busan – NEW Partner club

Busan club Hive was closed, but recently re-opened as club Abyss.

Nearest club to the Haeundae beach, located under the Hotel GRAND.

Famous for Bikini parties during summer season !!


More about club Abyss



News 2. Gangnam Club AB Closed and got frauded by FAKE Lil Jon company.

The club “Vanguard” in Gangnam was the most biggest club in Korea.

Many fans and clubbers liked it so much, and it was always full of people.

However, even there were many customers, because of the land price,

 Club couldn’t make enough profit.


So it closed down, but other investors wanted to take a chance for this venue again.

As so, it was re-opened as club AB recently.

However, because of Mers Virus, it didn’t go well.

The most unlucky situation was that they got frauded by fake agency.


After UMF, Lil jon was supposed to come to club AB.

However, Lil jon didn’t even know this fact because it was

“Fake Agency” that club AB made a contract.

After many accidents, club AB closed again.


NEWS 3. DJ Academy opened in ” Club in Korea “

Since we got many connections from DJs, we could get sponsored from DJ Academies.

Any people wish to learn DJing as Hobby / or new Career are welcomed to contact us.

learn dj korea

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