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“Club in Korea” is planning to Organize Club parties monthly.

We already have plans to make parties at Clubs & Hotels.

As so, we are looking for people who are willing to Join us as a Promoter.


Job qualification

1. Person who is Active & who has interpersonal character.

2. Who can work with us at the Clubs during whole night.

3. A person who is looking for a “Interesting Job”


Advantage of the job

1. People pay for the parties, and you will get paid from the parties.

2. Good payment with unlimited incentive. ( Depends on parties )

3. Even your outcome is not good enough, you can still work with us, and enjoy.

4. There is no specific working hours. If you want to take a rest, you can take a rest. And work with us again from the next party.


How to apply

Please send us your resume to info@clubinkorea.com

Resume should have your

1. Personal information ( Name , Living area , Contact info , Photo )

2. Self introduction & Reason of applying

*Please do not care about the form of resume. We are not recruiting Computer Engineer.

Please feel free to contact us, and be excited to work in Best Clubs & Hotels.


Role of the job

Promote parties and bring people to our parties. Selling tickets & Greeting guests.

Payment can be different everytime depends on your working ability. ( 50,000 KRW in average for working 1 night together )

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