Seoul, Korea love hotels ( About & price )


All about Seoul, Korea love hotels         


1. Introduction

2. What is love hotel

3. Price

4. About & Photos

5. Main location


1. Introduction

Many foreign customers have been asking us about all general night life.

Including prostitution & love hotel & booking club & blind date and stuff.

Prostitution is illegal in Korea, so we won’t post about it.

However I would like to introduce you about Love hotels in Korea.

Because it is actually really nice JUST as a Hotel.


seoul, korea love hotel photo


2. What is Love hotel ?

Literally, these hotels are mainly for couples, to make love in the room.

And it has two different rate systems.

To rent (normally for 3 hours) & To sleep ( All night until next day 12PM )

Every hotels have different rate & time system.


3. Price for ‘Standard Room’

Rent ( 3 hours ) = 30,000 KRW

Sleep over night = 60,000 KRW


4. About love hotel & Photos

I’ve been to love hotels in out countries and I was very disappointed.

However I think love hotels in Korea are comparitively nice.

korea love hotel

seoul love hotels

korea love motels

korea love hotel bathroom

korea hotel bathroom photo

These are the ‘Standard Rooms’

As you can see there is TV and Computer that you can use for free.

And also basically they have refrigerator&Champoo&Body champoo&Hairdryer.


VIP Rooms

seoul love hotel room photo

seoul hotel room

And these are VIP Rooms.

Nowadays, many young people use the love hotel as a party room

Or just stay for the night when they feel tired after clubbing.


I think Love hotels are no longer for Couples Only.

As my experience, I’ve also stayed in Love hotels with some dudes together.

One of my foreign friend stayed in Love hotel instead of Guest house.

What he said was “Much cheaper and Much better as a hotel”


5. Location ( Address )

There are many love hotels in Seoul.

However I can’t choose one specific hotel to recommend.

So I will recommend the main “Street” That have many love hotels

love hotel street in korea

seoul, korea love hotel photo

*Most of ‘Love hotel Street’ looks like this


1. Jamsil Love hotel Area

One of the most famous street for Love hotels.

There are more than 20 love hotels in the one street.

jamsil love hotel street copy

It’s actually more close to Mongchontoseong station (Line8) exit 3.

Which is right next to Jamsil station (Line2)


2. Sinchon Love hotel Area

sinchon love hotel street copy

It is near Sinchon station (line2) Exit 3


3. Jongro Love hotel Area

jongro love hotel street copy

It is near Jongro5-ga Station (line5) Exit 5


These are the 3 major places famous for love hotels in Seoul, Korea.


I hope our post was useful !!

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