Skrillex in Korea – Behind story of Guerrilla Concert

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It all started from this one photo.

Suddenly, DJ King MCK posted this poster on his SNS.

Saying that Skrillex is coming to Hongdae Club Henz.

Skrillex in Korea club

DJ King MCK had relationship with “Control Music Group”

(A management company that manage Dada Life, Hudson Mohawke, Henry Fong, etc)

Skrillex was planned to visit Korea for his music producing,

so he contacted DJ King MCK , tells him that he wants to make a performance in Korea.

So it was decided very suddenly and noticed at the last minute.

Many people were like

“Poster looks so unprofessional and I don’t even know Club Henz. Maybe this is bull shit”

But they found out such a long queue in front of the club, and started to believe it.

And that night, club Henz was full of people and Skrillex made amazing performance.

Skrillex made this guerrilla concert on Wednesday for the first time,

and then second time at club Syndrome on Friday night.

There are many people who still don’t know that Skrillex was here.

Chirstmas and count down party is coming ! 

Who knows who will come ?!


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