Gangnam Club Syndrome -CLOSED 2016 05.


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Club syndrome is closed down again from 2016.05.21

About club Syndrome / Gangnam – Korea Club information
Basic information


Name : Club SYNDROME (클럽 신드롬)

Location ( Address ) : Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Sinsa Dong 587-1. (Hotel Sunshine B1)

Operating hour :

Thur , Fri, Sat = PM 11 ~ AM 06


Main Genre of Music :  Electronic house & EDM

Price for ticket (Entrance fee)


* You can enter club syndrome for free. Club syndrome is our partner club. Like & Show our facebook page before 12AM. Need more detail? Click here

Dress code : slippers, short pants, jogging suits are not allowed

Table Reservation / Q&A

kakao = bananahyeon

mobile number = +82-10-8541-1278 (What’s APP Available)



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Additional information


  • Club syndrome was closed, but re-opened on 2016. March 25th
  • Major owners and directors are changed. So I hope you expect totally another club, but just with same name.
  • It will have Lounge Bar & Karaoke (KTV) inside the club together.
  • Stage got smaller, but it will have 3 different places inside the one club.


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