Where to meet English Speakers in Korea Clubs?



I’m receiving a same questions a lot. 

Which is

“Where can I find a place, that people normally can speak English?”

Since most of our customers are foreigners, I’m sure many of you have same thought.

Main purpose of visiting Clubs is to meet a new people and mingle out together.

However, it is true that many Koreans do not speak English,

and foreigners are having hard time to mingle with them. 

My answer.

It will depends on the date & your luck (+your effort) to find a right person who can speak English.

But generally, if I may give the recommendation.

club octagon foreigner

Club Octagon -> there are many foreigners & Koreans who can speak English.

And mostly at Itaewon area

Because Itaewon is the place there are the most foreigners.

itaewon club area

Koreans who go to Itaewon, might expect a little to meet foreign friends. 

Which means, they are ready to speak in English.

However, sometimes if you go to clubs somewhere like Club Arena & Club Mass.

( Which are the clubs that are not so friendly to foreigners. )

It’s true that other customers also not Expecting to meet foreigners. 

So they will just run away when you try to talk to them 

(Not to be rude, but just because they are shy to speak in English)

So, in short. 

Ganganm – > Club Octagon 

Itaewon – > Almost any lounge bars and clubs

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